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We are currently looking for breweries interested in participating in the Beerchain that are being able to print QR codes inside their bottle caps.
If you know a brewery which might be interested please contact us as well.


As a bar, you will receive NFC-enabled beer coasters. Write a new code on them with our special bar app just before serving and your customer’s satisfaction will rise because of the possibility to mine Beercoins by simply ordering beer from you.

Non-government organizations

Just informally contact us with your organization’s name, location (also in GPS coordinates), purpose, logo, a short description and your bank account. That’s it, you don’t have to do anything else. If you participate people can donate their Beercoins through us: We sell the Beercoins they want to donate on an exchange and give you the profit in your local currency. You can also choose to directly receive Beercoins if you like.

Contact the executive

Phone: +49 1522 9598243

How Beercoins works


Part 1

A brewery orders codes for their bottlecaps.

Part 2

Beerchain Technology approves order and sends number of required codes to contract.

Part 3

The contract generates bottle cap values.

Part 4

The server generates QR codes for the received values and sends them to the brewery.


Part 1

A brewery sells beer.

Part 2

The user scans the QR code inside the beer bottle cap.

Part 3

The server sends scanned bottle cap types and user’s ethereum adress to the contract.

Part 4

The contract generates Beercoins for the user.