App privacy

The Beercoin Scanner app requires users to log in with one of the following third-party social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft

When logging into the Beercoin Scanner app with any of the mentioned social media account, the following data set is stored on our backend:

  • an identification number derived from the social media account that we cannot use to identify the user’s actual social media profile
  • a randomly generated Beerchain address as a user name that is used as an internal reference

The purpose is to map a way of logging in with a Beerchain address username so the user can always access account-related data by loggin in the same way. We use social media for login purposes only and do not extract or save any additional data from it.

The following data is transmitted and saved permanently whenever a user scans a code:

  • the scanned code
  • the Beerchain address of the person who scanned the code
  • the date and time of scanning as full hours without minutes
  • the current GPS location of the user with three decimal places, i.e. a precision of around one kilometer
  • the operating system of the user
  • the operating system version
  • the operating system language
  • the operating system region

Whenever the user makes a  transaction, the following data is saved:

  • a unique transaction hash ID
  • the sender’s Beerchain address
  • the recipient’s Beerchain or Ethereum address
  • the amount of Beercoins sent
  • The date and time of the transaction
  • A nonce

Made scans and transaction may be publicly visible as it is customs in the cryptocurrency world. The association of a social media account with a Beerchain address is kept internal, however. Deletion of such an account association can always be requested by writing an email to This leads to full internal technical anonymization of made scans and transactions. In this case, however, Beercoins on the Beerchain under the associated address cannot be accessed any more.